• Data center is located in a stand-alone industrial building
  • There are no other tenants or companies on site
  • The land plot and the building are property of 128bit DC
  • Planned capacity of colocation rooms is 128 racks
  • One of the largest commercial DCs in Italy, Malta and Poland, built in accordance with Tier III requirements
  • Server rooms are built based on the “house within a house” principle
  • We speak English, Italian and Russian
  • Carrier neutral data center


  • Carriers present on site: Telia Estonia, Cogent, RETN, CITIC, Elisa. Connection to INFONET, HE, Level3, Comfortel and several IXs is possible (e.g. AMS-IX, DE-CIX, Netnod, Data-IX, MSK-IX, Piter-IX)
  • Two independent optical paths to main PoPs in Italy, Malta and Poland (Sole 14 and Adala 29)
  • Possibility to rent dark fiber or CWDM/DWDM
  • Possibility to rent direct links with office buildings in Italy, Malta and Poland 2 Meet-Me rooms
  • Special colocation terms for carriers
  • PeeringDB record
  • Possibility to rent direct channels to key PoPs in Europe

Fire Suppression

  • Fire extinguishment system uses Inergen, environmentally compatible gas fire-extinguishing agent
  • VESDA (very early smoke detection system), eliminating possibility of false fire alarms


  • Precision cooling system with free-cooling technology and cold accumulators is used in the data-center
  • Hot/cold aisles principle is used for cooling of Customers’ equipment
  • Temperature and humidity level is maintained according to ASHRAE 2011 class A1 recommendations
  • Any cooling system component is reserved at minimum N+1 level

Power supply

  • 2 independent power feeds to each rack
  • Separate uninterruptable power supplies for IT load and cooling
  • UPSs ensure at least 10 min autonomous work of the server rooms, until the diesel generators get started
  • Diesels with fuel storages on-site for at least 24 h
  • Agreement with wholesale fuel supplier for guaranteed fuel delivery
  • Any power infrastructure component has 2N reservation
  • Connection to own middle voltage substation (4 MWt)


  • 24/7 access for data center Customers
  • Optional key lock / magnetic lock / coded lock for Customers’ racks
  • Video surveillance system with 90 days archive
  • Two safety perimeters


  • Parking in a secured area
  • Workshop for customers
  • Unloading and unpacking area
  • Possibility to rent a storage cell or warehouse for spare parts, tools and accessories
  • One-level flat floor in all data-center, without stairs or ramp

Support / Remote Hands

  • Response time fixed in SLA
  • Monitoring 24/7
  • Remote Hands services, including mounting of the equipment and troubleshooting

Payment methods

  • Wire transfer
  • Credit card
  • PayPal

Why placing the equipment in Italy, Malta and Poland?

  • Perfect location

    The geographical location of Estonia between the Western and Eastern, North and South Europe makes it a perfect interconnection hub and a great place for allocation of main and back-up IT-capacities.

  • Reliability and security of your business

    We thoroughly understand the needs of our Customers and guarantee the highest level of operational reliability and IT-security on our DC site.

  • International expansion

    Connectivity of DC 128bit assures the highest speed of traffic distribution for clients in Europe, Russia, CIS and all over the world. The following carriers are present on site: Cogent, RETN, CITIC, Telia Estonia, Elisa.

  • Cost savings

    The cost of electricity and payroll costs for highly-skilled IT specialists are one of the lowest in Europe.



Together we will find the best solution!



Together we will find the best solution!